Java Lottery Number Generator

If you are reading this, your browser is not Java enabled. This could be because its Java capability has been manually disabled, or possibly because you are using an old (e.g. pre IE3/NN3) browser.

A quick, easy, and truly random way to pick your lottery numbers - let this applet pick them for you! I wrote this Java applet as an exercise in simple animation, sorting, etc. It allows you to pick your lottery numbers at the push of a button, without having to resort to using the birthday of your budgerigar, or whatever.

If you win anything using the numbers it generates, I think it only fair for you to give me a big slice; say 75%. What do you mean "No"? I did all the hard work, all you did was push a button! Alright then, 50%, but that's my final offer...

You can grab the code from Github, if you are so inclined.

Michael Fitzmaurice September, 2001